How To Find Addiction Recovery Groups In Cherry Hill, NJ

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Addiction recovery support groups are a critical factor in many paths of recovery. 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, are the most commonly known addiction recovery groups. However, there are many other types of groups that can be incorporated into an individual’s aftercare plan to help them throughout their recovery. Addiction recovery groups help keep individuals connected and provide continued social support from peers who are also sober. Thus, here at The Healing Center’s drug rehab program we include a list of all of the addiction recovery groups in Cherry Hill, NJ in our clients’ aftercare plans.

What Is An Addiction Recovery Group?

An addiction recovery group is a gathering of individuals who come together to provide support to one another since they are experiencing the same condition. Support groups are not just for those struggling with addiction and alcoholism. In fact, there are many other support groups including for individuals leaving domestic violence, individuals with cancer, individuals who struggle with eating disorders, and more. It has been proven through many years of research that attending self help groups improves the overall odds of individuals achieving long term recovery.

There are many different approaches that recovery groups take. Many are based on what is known as the “12-step philosophy”. The 12-step philosophy is based on the twelve steps of recovery outlined in the text of Alcoholics Anonymous. Recovery groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous have adopted the twelve steps and tailored them to fit their members’ needs. 

Getting Help For Substance Addiction 

Addiction is a very complicated, progressive, and chronic mental health disorder. Thankfully, treatment is available. The goal of alcohol and drug addiction treatment is to assist people in achieving long-term recovery. During drug rehab programs clients will be provided with both medications and behavioral therapy. Once the initial intensive treatment has been completed, clients will continue to have long-term follow up and an aftercare plan that includes things like support groups.

Addiction recovery groups and other self help groups encourage their members to take responsibility for their actions while also leaning on each other for support. These groups promote asking for help and sharing experience to help one another. One of the biggest things addiction recovery groups in Cherry Hill, NJ can provide is hope for our clients at The Healing Center. When our clients go to these meetings they are able to meet others who have been in recovery much longer than them. They can learn and grow from these peer to peer experiences.

However, support groups don’t replace drug and alcohol rehab. Rather, they are meant to complement other formal treatments in order to help individuals maintain their recovery following rehabilitation. If you are in need of alcoholism or drug addiction help, The Healing Center in Cherry Hill, NJ provides comprehensive addiction treatment services. We address both the addiction and the root cause of the addiction in order to improve your chances of achieving long term sobriety. If you have questions about our programs, call our admissions team today.

Most people who begin with inpatient treatment will then go on to attend an outpatient program in order to transition them slowly back into daily life. Outpatient programs vary in levels of intensity and time requirements, but overall it can be expected to continue to attend treatment sessions for a few hours per day for a majority of the week. The biggest difference between the two types of treatment is that in an outpatient setting the client can return home outside of treatment hours. Thus, clients can begin to work and tend to daily responsibilities again while still getting the support they need. During that free time, clinicians will encourage clients to attend addiction recovery support groups so that they can build upon the habit of attending and start creating healthy support systems in the community. Ongoing participation in a support group is a key factor in maintaining recovery for many people.

Where Are Addiction Recovery Groups In Cherry Hill, NJ?

Addiction Recovery Groups are available anywhere in the United States. There are normally more options in larger cities such as New York or Los Angeles, but even in the most rural of areas there are normally meetings within a reasonable distance. 

If you are looking for 12 step based addiction recovery groups in Cherry Hill, Nj, then you can refer to these resources below:

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Finder:  Click Here

Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Finder: Click Here

Are There Alternative Addiction Recovery Groups In Cherry Hill, NJ?

There are a multitude of addiction recovery groups in Cherry Hill, NJ that cater to those whose needs won’t be met by NA or AA meetings.

If you are struggling with gambling or eating addictions in Cherry Hill NJ, then support groups in the area can be found here:

 Gamblers Anonymous Meeting Finder: Click Here

 Overeaters Anonymous Meeting Finder: Click Here


If you are looking for alternatives to twelve-step based meetings in Cherry Hill, NJ, you can find resources here:

Smart Recovery Meeting Finder: Click Here

Women for Sobriety Meeting Finder: Click Here


If you are a family member or loved one of someone who is suffering from addiction and looking for support in Cherry Hill, NJ, then resources are listed below:

Al-Anon Meeting Finder: Click Here

Nar-Anon Meeting Finder: Click Here


If you are looking for religious or secular based meetings in Cherry Hill, NJ, then you can follow the link below to locate meetings:

Secular Organizations for Sobriety Meeting Finder: Click Here

Addiction Treatment In Cherry Hill, NJ 

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Cherry Hill, NJ, then it is important to understand you aren’t alone. The Healing Center is here to provide you with the help that you need in order to recover. We provide comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Our goal is to ensure each and every one of our clients is treated with both respect and compassion. If you are ready to change your life, then we are here to help you. Call our admissions team today to begin your recovery journey.