Addiction Treatment Cherry Hill NJ Programs

At our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we offer multiple programs for those struggling with substance use, dual diagnosis disorders, and trauma. Our team of addiction and mental health specialists is committed to providing a multi-faceted approach to your care. Our approach involves evidence-based treatment therapies that effectively treat these maladies and their underlying causes. At The Healing Center, our mission is to provide each client that walks through our doors an individualized pathway to find long-term and sustainable recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment Cherry Hill NJ programs.


Alcohol addiction is the inability to control drinking due to a physical and mental dependence on alcohol. So, how do you know if this is a problem or not?


According to the NJ Department of Health, The NIH and drug rehab New Jersey has among the most serious addiction issues in the country.


A dual diagnosis is when a patient has a co-occurring mental health disorder along with a substance abuse disorder. Most addicted individuals are dual diagnosed.

What Services Are Provided At The Healing Center's Addiction Treatment Cherry Hill NJ Programs?

Here at The Healing Center’s addiction treatment Cherry Hill NJ programs we offer a multitude of addiction therapies in order to provide our clients with the personalized care they need. We understand that there is no one size fits all approach to treating addiction. Thus, we offer a variety of different methodologies that can be built into your treatment program pathway. Our services include:

group of individuals attending addiction treatment Cherry Hill NJ programs
addiction treatment Cherry Hill NJ programs

What Is Treated At Our Treatment Programs In New Jersey?

Our addiction treatment Cherry Hill NJ programs help individuals struggling with both addiction and co-occurring disorders. Statistics show that the majority of individuals who are diagnosed with a substance use disorder also have underlying mental health conditions. Thus, we offer a dual diagnosis program that treats both substance abuse and mental health disorders concurrently. Some common diagnosis we treat include:

These are just some of the conditions that our Cherry Hill addiction and mental health programs have the ability to treat. If you or a loved one are struggling with their mental health or an addiction, then contact our admissions team today in order to learn more about our services and levels of care.

Benefits Of Our Addiction And Mental Health Treatments In Cherry Hill

At our treatment center in Cherry Hill, NJ, we understand that everyone’s recovery journey is unique. Thus we provide personalized treatment plans and compassionate care to ensure each client begins their journey with the support needed to heal. Our luxury accommodations and peaceful environment help make this process more comfortable.

Clients engage in recreational activities that create a sense of community among clients. Additionally, our expert medical professionals are available 24/7 to ensure the physical wellness of clients throughout their stay. Furthermore, we offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for those who need it. A person’s initial steps in the recovery process are incredibly important and can lay the foundation for long-term success. Therefore, individuals receive personalized attention and care during their stay with us.

On average, most people spend around 30 to 90 days within our program. They normally follow a step down treatment plan and phase down to lower levels of care throughout their time with us. However, those needing more time may extend it if necessary. Afterward, our clients receive detailed after care planning in order to ensure they have the tools they need to maintain their recovery.

Addiction Treatment Cherry Hill NJ Programs

Find Addiction Treatment Cherry Hill NJ Programs

At The Healing Center, we’re ready to help you move past addiction, trauma, and dual diagnosis disorders. Our effective treatment modalities and programming are designed with you in mind. We understand that recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and are here to guide you toward an individualized path of healing. Start your healing today by giving us a call at (856) 446-3161 or learn more about our admissions process.