CBT And DBT In Cherry Hill NJ

CBT And DBT Therapies For Drug Addiction

Dialectical behavioral therapy, also referred to as DBT, is a type of psychotherapy that is used to help treat people with a multitude of mental health conditions, including addiction. DBT in Cherry Hill, NJ is normally highly effective, since it helps individuals identify the underlying behaviors and trauma that led to the substance abuse problem in the first place.

What is DBT In Cherry Hill NJ?

DBT in Cherry Hill, or dialectical behavioral therapy, was developed by the psychologist Dr. Marsha Linehan in the 1980s. DBT is based around the same techniques used in cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT. Cognitive-behavioral therapy was originally used to treat severe mental health diagnosis, such as suicidal ideations and schitzophrenia. Dialectical behavioral therapy uses a variety of techniques in order to help individuals help regulate their emotions including the following:

  • Increasing Tolerance For Distress: dialectical behavioral therapy focuses on an individual’s distress tolerance by helping them sit with uncomfortable emotions and begin to accept negative emotions and feelings. This technique of DBT for drug addiction helps clients stop using substances as their main coping skill for overwhelming emotions.
  • Emotional Regulation: In dialectical behavioral therapy therapists will help clients identify intense emotions and put together a plan to help them stop the negative reactions they are having to those emotions. This technique helps clients regulate their emotional responses and decreases their fear of overwhelming emotions and feelings. 
  • Mindfulness: The central focus of DBT therapy for drug addiction is mindfulness. Therapists help clients to learn how to be aware of the moment that they are presently in. Through mastering the art of observing and identifying internal thoughts and emotions individuals can start to slow down their processing and implement healthy coping skills.
  • Interpersonal Relationship Effectiveness: Many individuals participating in DBT therapy for drug addiction struggle with unhealthy interpersonal relationships. During dialectical behavioral therapy clients will learn how to heal, establish boundaries, and maintain healthy relationships with others.
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DBT for Drug Addiction

What is CBT In Cherry Hill NJ?

CBT in Cherry Hill, NJ or cognitive behavioral therapy is a very common form of therapy. Its main focus is to help clients become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking, so that they can respond to situations more effectively. CBT is done in a very structured way and in a certain number of sessions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an extremely effective way to help those suffering with drug addiction, either alone or in combination with other therapies like DBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy focus mainly on the following:

  • Identifying Problems and Triggers: During CBT a therapist will help a client to identify the problems and triggers within their life that may be adding significant stress. They will also work with the client to either eliminate some of the current issues, or work on healthy coping strategies.
  • Having Awareness: Therapists will work with clients on gaining awareness to their emotional responses to stress, problems, and triggers. The therapist will then help you reevaluate your perspective on the issues and challenge your current belief systems.
  • Identifying Inaccurate Thinking: Through cognitive behavioral therapy therapists help their clients identify inaccurate or negative thought patterns. The therapist will then identify the core belief systems that fostered the inaccurate thinking and help the client to establish healthy and clear thought patterns.
  • Reshaping Thinking: Cognitive behavioral therapy focused on reshaping unhealthy thought patterns. Therapists will challenge their clients’ thinking, offer new perspectives, and teach healthy coping skills in order to help their clients live more effective and fulfilling lives.

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How does DBT + CBT Help Drug Addiction Recovery

DBT and CBT for drug addiction treatment are both extremely effective. Dialectical behavioral therapy gives addicts the ability to have more awareness and self regulation, when it comes to intense emotional responses. This is especially important for individuals suffering from drug addiction, since intense emotions are normally what they are trying to numb with drugs and alcohol. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also very important. CBT gives addicts and alcoholics the chance to challenge their own belief systems and take control over their thought patterns. When CBT and DBT for drug addiction treatment are used in combination it can highly improve an individual’s chances for long-term recovery. 

DBT for Drug Addiction
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Benefits of DBT + CBT

The benefits dialectical behavioral therapy therapy include:

  • The ability to self regulate
  • Healthy coping strategies for triggers
  • Accepting intense emotional responses
  • Learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Mindfulness

The benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy include:

  • The ability to identify triggers and stressors
  • Changing false belief systems
  • Gaining new perspectives on situations that may be difficult
  • Healthier thought patterns and coping strategies

How Can DBT In Cherry Hill NJ Improve Your Life?

Our DBT in Cherry Hill and CBT in Cherry Hill programs can drastically improve your life. They both offer highly effective tools for changing how you handle stressful and triggering emotions or situations. Through cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy you will be able to gain a healthier perspective, implement effective and realistic coping strategies, and develop mindfulness and awareness over your thoughts and emotional responses

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CBT and DBT In Cherry Hill NJ

Here at The Healing Center, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we offer both CBT and DBT for drug addiction treatment. We believe that it is extraordinarily important to develop mindfulness, healthy coping skills, and improved thought patterns in order to improve the chances of long-term recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction please contact us today to learn more about our therapeutic programs here at THC.