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Are you looking for a premium drug rehab Cherry Hill, New Jersey program? Jumping into the search for addiction treatment in NJ can feel like trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack. Take a deep breath though. You have already jumped the biggest hurdle by acknowledging you need help.

At The Healing Center, we offer addiction treatment in our drug rehab Cherry Hill, NJ facility. We can help you focus on what matters most to you – your recovery. Our DCF licensed treatment facility is staffed by qualified professionals who understand the disease of addiction. Our team is reading and will to help you take the first steps towards healing, happiness, and freedom. 

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What is Drug Addiction?

This may seem like a simple question. But the truth is drug and alcohol addiction is a complex topic. Understanding addiction is one of the keys to choosing the right rehab Cherry Hill NJ program. To put it simply, drug and alcohol addiction is a mental illness that causes an intense focus and uncontrolled use of a substance. What makes it an illness is the fact that it is an obsession or compulsion and people continue to use, even after negative consequences.

In a nutshell, drug addiction:

  • Is a mental illness that includes a compulsion to use a mind- and mood-altering substance.
  • Continues even after negative consequences to health, relationships, finances.
  • Almost always requires professional medical help and support to treat successfully.
  • Requires permanent lifestyle changes to manage in a healthy way.

The way treatment programs help is by first stopping the cycle of abuse. Typically, a person will be stabilized in a medical detox setting to keep them safe and comfortable. With the body taken care of, we move to the mind. The best addiction treatment programs will guide the patient through PHP and IOP levels of care. This step down process helps clients to slowly adjust to a life without drugs and prepares them for long-term recovery

drug rehab new jersey
Drug Rehab New Jersey

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Watching a loved one wrestle with drug and alcohol addiction can be terrifying. Uncertainty can also be an issue when trying to figure out whether or not a person is using. So, how can you tell if a person is using drugs? There are some red flags you can watch for, but the best way to know for sure is always to talk to the person. This can be difficult, but if they are open to rehab it’s necessary to have that talk sooner or later.

Behavioral signs that may indicate drug addiction:

  • Irresponsible, missing work or school or being late often.
  • Secrecy, spending time with mysterious new ‘friends’ you rarely see or meet.
  • Sudden money problems that aren’t easily explained, selling prized possessions etc.
  • Change in sleep habits. Sleeping way too much, not enough or at inappropriate times.

Physical symptoms that can point to drug addiction:

  • Drowsiness at inappropriate times, ‘nodding out’, absent-minded scratching face and neck.
  • Red, bloodshot eyes can be alcohol or pot. ‘Pinned’ (very small) pupils may be opioids.
  • Excited, erratic behavior, rapid speech, jumping from topic to topic, over talkative.
  • Slurred speech and/or forgetfulness and memory problems, especially short-term.

New Jersey Drug Addiction Statistics

According to the NJ Department of Health and The NIH, New Jersey has among the most serious addiction issues in the country. Here are just a few statistics which illustrate the problem:

  • Opioid overdose deaths skyrocketed in New Jersey to over 2,500 a year in 2019.
  • New Jersey doctors wrote 38.9 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people in 2018.
  • 41,854 people entered drug rehab New Jersey for heroin addiction in 2019.
  • More than 72% of New Jersey residents in rehab had a co-occurring mental health issue.
  • 42.5% of the New Jersey residents who went to rehab were seeking help with heroin addiction.

The statistics are chilling, but you or your loved one do not have to become part of them. The help you need and deserve is just a phone call away.

Drug Rehab New Jersey

Addictions We Treat at Our Rehab Cherry Hill, NJ Program

Looking for rehab Cherry Hill, NJ facilities? We’ve got you. First, we offer a safe and comfortable medical detox from opioids like pain medication or heroin, alcohol, benzos like Xanax, and much more through our local partner programs. Here are just a few of the different types of addictions we treat:

If you don’t see a substance listed above, just give us a call for clarity. Our Drug Rehab Cherry Hill, NJ facility is well equipped to handle all addictions. If it is a substance that can be abused and you’re having trouble with it, chances are we have the treatment you need.

Next, we will admit you into one of our addiction treatment programs. We provide PHP, IOP, and OP levels of care. While in our programs you will have the ability to attend group therapy and individual therapy that is tailored to your individual needs. 

Additionally, we offer medication assisted treatment, EMDR, and life skills development. We believe in all forms of addiction therapy and our goal is to provide as many options as possible for our clients. This is due to the fact that our addiction specialists acknowledge that the underlying causes of addiction are different for everyone.

Once you are ready to leave our drug rehab Cherry Hill program we will put together a relapse prevention and aftercare plan to ensure that you have all the tools you need for your next steps.

If you have any questions about our drug rehab facility in Cherry Hill, programs, and services, and then call our admissions team. We are here to walk you through the process of addiction treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ and help you take your next step.

Drug Rehab New Jersey

Addiction Services Offered at The Healing Center

The Healing Center’s drug rehab Cherry Hill, NJ program we provide a true dual-diagnosis treatment program. We treat co-occurring mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and PTSD. Here, you or your loved one will get the help you need and deserve. Healing is what we do best. Our trauma-informed therapy team is ready to help you heal the wreckage of the past so you can move forward. We believe this is the best way to ensure a solid foundation on which you can build lasting recovery. Some of the services we provide include:

You can expect that these services will be built into your personalized treatment plan. We want to not only treat the symptoms of your drug and alcohol addiction, we also aim to treat the source of your addiction in the first place.

The Benefits Of Our Rehab In Cherry Hill

Our Cherry Hill drug rehab facility will help you build the foundation that you need in order to begin to recover from your addiction. Once you enter into our program you work with our addiction specialists in order to create a customized addiction treatment plan that addresses you individual needs.

Your treatment plan will include therapies that fit. your unique situation. For example, if you are dealing with a co-occurring disorder, then your treatment plan will include attendance at our dual diagnosis program in order to ensure that both your mental health and addiction are being treated concurrently. Likewise, if you are lacking in life skills due to your addiction your treatment plan will include life skills sessions which will reduce the stress of leaving treatment and help you succeed in daily living.

The benefits of a Cherry Hill drug rehab program are innumerable. For many people, it is the first life saving step that they take towards freedom from addiction. At The Healing Center our primary goal is to see our clients succeed. Thus, our programs have the ability to address the and heal the underlying cause of addiction, no matter what that might be. Take your first step towards recovery by contacting us today.

drug rehab cherry hill

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Find Healing with Rehab in Cherry Hill NJ

Here The Healing Center’s drug rehab in Cherry Hill, NJ we are waiting to help you begin your healing journey. The truth is that the best time to begin drug treatment is now. Don’t let this moment of awareness go to waste. You are not alone. We can help get you over that finish line. All you need to do is call. If you’re looking for help for someone you love, call us. We can help you formulate a plan, even if you’re not sure they are ready yet. Let’s talk. Every recovery begins with a glimmer of hope. Give The Healing Center’s admission team a call and we’ll take the next step together.