Life Skills Program In Cherry Hill, NJ

Life Skills & Career Development

When an addict or alcoholic begins their recovery journey they often find themselves lacking  life skills and career tracks. It can be difficult to re-enter into society and begin functioning as an independent and stable adult. Here at The Healing Center in New Jersey we recognize that an important part of treatment is a life skills program in Cherry Hill NJ. We have created a program that focuses on our clients individual goals, passions, and strengths in order to create them a customized life skills and career development treatment plan. We then offer them a plethora of resources in order to accomplish their goals and promote their success. We want all of our clients to leave our program prepared to reintegrate back into society as healthy, productive, and well functioning adults. In order to set individuals up for the best success we offer them the guidance and skills they need to begin to live independent and successful lives.

What Our Life Skills Training Program In Cherry Hill NJ Offers

Our life skills program in Cherry Hill offers a variety of different training and educational courses in order to help our clients transition into independent living. Life skills are normally developed from childhood into early adulthood. Unfortunately for addicts and alcoholics they often either do not develop or lose the necessary skills to lead healthy and independent lives. Our program focuses on developing skills like time management, financial literacy, and stress management in order to help our clients transition to living healthy, fulfilling, and independent lives in recovery. The program includes education on skills including:

  • Budgeting and money management 
  • Housing assistance and placement
  • Nutritional planning and education
  • Education on managing and building credit
  • Meal planning
  • Financial management education including investments and retirement planning
  • Self-care techniques
  • The importance of exercise and assistance in creating a healthy routine
  • Stress management techniques
  • Assistance in obtaining doctors and scheduling appointments
life skills
life skills

What Our Education & Career Development Program Offers

We also offer an education and career development program in order to help our clients develop new skills which can help them establish a long term and successful career path. While in active addiction, individuals normally cannot maintain steady employment and struggle with gaining education and skills that can lead to a successful future. Finding employment and gaining an education can seem like an overwhelming process in early recovery. The goal of our education and career development program is to ease the stress of this process for our clients and set them up for success. Our education and career development program offers services including:

  • Resume and cover letter development 
  • Assisting clients with their job search
  • Assisting clients with applying to educational programs
  • Employment referrals and networking
  • Building a Linkedin profile 
  • Developing interview skills
  • Finding the best career path
  • Professionalism and workplace etiquette
  • College Workshops
  • Technical Program Certificates
  • Assistance in obtaining GEDs

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How Our Life Skills Program In Cherry Hill Works

Our life skills and career development program is personalized for each of our clients needs and goals. We take an initial assessment of each of our clients before starting the life skills and career development process. The assessment is designed to tell our clinical staff what are the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. It can also help us understand the goals that our patients may have for their future career path and education. Once the assessment is completed, we work one on one with our clients in order to create a customized life skills and career development plan. Through the customized life skills and career development plan we then know what programs and training to focus on them. We want our clients to be passionate about their future goals, which is why we focus on understanding their individual needs. Early recovery is a very stressful and uncertain time, by creating healthy and exciting goals it encourages our clients to continue working towards long-term recovery. We also understand that it is important to set up every single one of clients for lasting success. Studies show that when addicts and alcoholics are participating in life skills and career development programs they have a higher chance of achieving long-term recovery. Our goal at The Healing Center is for every single one of our clients to leave our program set up for success and have the skills they need to succeed in their recovery journey. 

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Life Skills & Career Development at The Healing Center

The Healing Center’s life skills and career development program focuses on building our clients strengths and helping them to learn and develop their areas of weakness. We want to see every one of our clients achieve long-term recovery and go on to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Preparing our clients for the difficult transition back into society is an extremely important part of our treatment program. We have a plethora of educational and life skills training programs in order to make that process as stress free and easy as possible. We believe that all of our clients are capable of achieving their life goals no matter how much their addiction has damaged their lives. If you are struggling and feel as though you are unable to see a life beyond your addiction contact our admissions team today in order to find hope and begin achieving the life goals you have always wanted to reach.