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The Healing Center in Cherry Hill, NJ is one of the best Philadelphia drug rehab programs serving PA and the surrounding areas. If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, our compassionate, individualized, and supportive treatment program will be the right fit.

At The Healing Center, our primary purpose is to help people who are struggling with addiction begin the recovery process. We use proven medications, therapeutic modalities, and holistic treatments in order to lay a solid foundation for long-term recovery. We want every one of our clients to succeed. 

It is important to understand that a majority of insurance plans cover treatment for addiction. Insurance verification may seem like an overwhelming process, so let us do the work for you. Call our admissions team in order to find out if our services are covered by your plan.

Addiction Statistics In Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has not been exempt from the addiction crisis that has overwhelmed the United States. Since overprescribing of opiates began in the 1990s, addiction to opioids has steadily increased in communities across the United States. Unfortunately, opiates are an extremely dangerous class of drugs. It is easy to overdose on both illicit and prescription opiates. 

Once the government began to regulate the number of prescription narcotics that doctors and pharmacists could disperse, individuals began to turn to illicit drugs in order to avoid withdrawal. Consequently, the dangers of abusing drugs began to increase. These black market drugs are made up of chemicals and other substances that the user is normally unaware of. A common issue that has started to occur is the presence of powerful opiates, such as Fentanyl, in other drugs/ Fentanyl is normally added into other drugs in order to increase the euphoric effects. Unfortunately, it is a very strong drug. If someone is not aware the drug is in what they are consuming, or they don’t have a tolerance, then it is very easy to overdose. Sadly some of these overdoses are fatal/

According to the program Substance Use Philadelphia, in 2020 overdose deaths increased by 6% compared to 2019. This was the first increase in overdoses since 2018. The stress of the Covid-19 pandemic has been statistically proven to have once again increased drug use across the United States. 86% of overdose deaths in 2020 in Philadelphia involved some sort of opiate drug. 

As the community of Philadelphia continues to struggle with the effects of addiction, it is important to maintain available resources for people. Finding alcohol and drug treatment in Philadelphia, PA can feel overwhelming, which is why The Healing Center has listed some available resources for you below. 

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Resources For Finding Philadelphia Drug Rehab Programs

There are a variety of resources for addiction treatment in Philadelphia, PA. Recovery support meetings, the most common being Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, are a great free resource for recovery. It is commonly suggested that individuals attend recovery meetings after completing alcohol and drug treatment in Philadelphia. The meetings can keep people accountable, build healthy relationships, and encourage long-term recovery.

If you are looking for treatment services in Philadelphia, PA there are a number of local service centers that can help you find help. Some of these resources include:

The Office Of Addiction Services

The Office Of Addiction Services or OAS helps individuals find treatment services for addiction. They specialize in connecting individuals with Medicaid, uninsured, or underinsured with accessible and financially realistic drug and rehab programs. If you are struggling with finding affordable drug and alcohol treatment, then reach out to the OAS for help.

Crisis Response Centers:

Philadelphia offers several crisis response centers around the city. These centers provide resources for alcohol and drug rehabs in Philadelphia. They are hospital settings that provide immediate assessments and assistance of placements into facilities that provide the appropriate level of care.

Access Point:

Access Point is a free alcohol and drug rehab in Philadelphia. They provide short-term stabilization to anyone in need of addiction treatment in the area. The facility has a limited number of beds so it is important to contact them as soon as possible. They will also create an aftercare program and refer individuals to other facilities for additional treatment if needed.

Harm Reduction Centers:

Harm reduction centers are an accessible drug and rehab in Philadelphia option. Harm reduction centers provide safe syringe programs, medication assisted treatment, and social workers who will help place individuals into facilities across the city. Whether you are ready to seek treatment or not, harm reduction centers provide life saving education and services to addicts across Philadelphia.

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Types Of Drug Treatment Programs In Philadelphia, PA

There are many different levels of care when it comes to Philadelphia drug rehab. The type of program that someone enters into is dependent on a variety of factors including, history of substance abuse, current housing situation, and level of physical dependency. 

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to addiction treatment. Everyone is different and will need a different level of care and treatment plan depending on their initial assessment. The levels of care available in drug rehab programs include:


Detox is a short-term program that is medically supervised in order to help individuals go through the initial withdrawal process. People who are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol are highly recommended to enter into a detox program. Withdrawal is a very uncomfortable experience. Furthermore, it can be dangerous and even deadly. 

Detox programs have clinical staff that prescribes medications and regularly checks on patients in order to make withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible. If you are physically dependent on a substance it is important that you do not attempt to come off the drug alone. Entering into a detox program is the only safe way to properly come off of any substance.

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Residential programs are the highest level of supervised alcohol and drug rehabs in Philadelphia. Clients in a residential program live on the facility campus. They attend groups, doctor and nursing appointments, and other therapeutic services throughout the day. People who enter into a residential program normally stay anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Programs, or PHP, is another great alcohol and drug rehab in Philadelphia option. PHPs are technically considered outpatient treatment, but they still provide a very high level of supervision. Clients will live off campus, normally in sober livings, and attend treatment services daily for the majority of the week.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs offer day or night sessions to clients. They normally run anywhere from three to five days a week, but the sessions are much shorter than those in PHPs. IOPs are normally a step down from either residential or partial hospitalization programs. IOPs are convenient for clients as it allows them to maintain employment and family responsibilities easier throughout the day.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs offer the least amount of supervision. While drug testing, case management, therapies, and doctor visits are still provided, the sessions occur much less frequently and for shorter amounts of time per week. Outpatient programs are normally best suited for people who have been stabilized for a decent period of time since they offer less support than the other options.

Find A Philadelphia Drug Rehab

If you or your loved one is looking for a Philadelphia drug rehab, then The Healing Center can help you today. We offer a premier addiction treatment facility in Cherry Hill, NJ that services the Philadelphia area. Our goal is to make sure our clients leave us with a solid foundation for long-term recovery. We offer a wide range of therapy, medications, and case management services to give our clients the tools they need. Learn more about our program by calling our admissions team today.