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When people who are not from New Jersey discuss the state they likely think about the proximity to New York City and the infamous Jersey Shore. The reality is that New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the U.S. and boasts a thriving culture and economy. One of the original thirteen states, New Jersey is nestled between New York to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, and Delaware to Pennsylvania to the west. The capital of New Jersey is Trenton. New Jersey’s transportation system is immense due to its proximity to PA and New York City, thousands of citizens commute to and from in order to work.

While the state has a flourishing economy and offers a wide array of benefits to its citizens, it does not go without issues. While New Jersey has produced some of the most respected U.S. governors, corruption has, unfortunately, often played into its local politics. Thus, that state has become notorious for being a hub for organized crime. This inevitably has led to addiction and alcoholism issues within the state. Furthermore, the state has not been immune to the opiate crisis that has hit the United States since the 1990s. Many citizens in New Jersey struggle with addiction to drugs including opiates, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana. Thus finding searching for ‘new jersey addiction resources near me’ is a relatively common topic for those looking for treatment services.

Find Rehab, Detox, and Recovery Meetings In New Jersey

Below, we have put together New Jersey addiction resources. Whether you are looking for a detox center, residential rehab, outpatient programs, sober living, recovery meetings, nonprofits, or other addiction resources, we can help you find support close to home. If you need more help, then contact us. Our staff of addiction specialists are extremely knowledgeable about the various New Jersey addiction resources available and can offer referrals regardless of your finances and insurance coverage. Some New Jersey addiction resources include:

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new jersey addiction resources

Opiate Abuse Statistics in New Jersey

New Jersey, like many other states, is in a fight against the opioid crisis. Research and statistics show that over 3,000 people died from an overdose related death in 2018. The opioid epidemic in New Jersey is taking lives, tearing apart families, and leaving children orphaned across the state.

Thankfully, New Jersey is enacting new initiatives in order to combat the opioid crisis in New Jersey. Research shows that the rate of heroin overdoses in NJ are three times the national average. Additionally, there has been a 700% increase in the number of admissions into drug rehab facilities in the past ten years.

Fentanyl Crisis in New Jersey

Fentanyl is an extremely strong synthetic opioid that has a similar chemical structure to morphine, but it is 50 to 100 times more powerful. Fentanyl is used medically as a prescription painkiller, but it is also produced illicitly and sold to drug addicts. Fentanyl is one of the leading factors in the opioid crisis in New Jersey. Since 2014 Fentanyl has been a major player in New Jersey’s illegal drug market. Additionally, Fentanyl is often mixed into other drugs and individuals use it without even knowing. 

Heroin crisis in New Jersey

In 2015 research from NJ Advance Media showed that at least 128,000 individuals were addicted to heroin in New Jersey. The study also showed that in the decade leading up to publication at least 10,000 individuals died from drug overdose related deaths. New Jersey has been hit extremely hard from the opiate epidemic that has swept across the country since the early 90s.

MAT Programs In NJ

Naloxone and Preventing Overdoses in New Jersey

In 2018 New Jersey developed a new program that works with 174 participating pharmacies across the state in order to hand out free naloxone without a prescription. The naloxone nasal spray can be utilized to reverse opioid overdose. According to published statistics, first responders in New Jersey administered naloxone more than 16,000 times in 2018.

Finding the Right Rehab Center in New Jersey

Anyone who is struggling with substance abuse in New Jersey should seek professional help from a drug treatment center and detox program. Without professional intervention it is extremely difficult for a struggling individual to escape the cycle of addiction. There are a multitude of rehab program options throughout New Jersey and finding the best one for your needs can be challenging. How can you tell what the best treatment program is? Even more importantly, how can you find a rehab in New Jersey that will address your specific needs?

It is important to start with understanding the difference between the varying levels of care and stages of drug rehab that are offered by treatment facilities in New Jersey. The initial step towards recovery normally begins with admission into a detox program. Drug detox facilities provide medical help to those who are physically addicted to a substance. They provide the treatments necessary to ensure the individual goes through the withdrawal process both safely and comfortably. Although detox is important, it normally is not enough to lay the foundation for long-term recovery. Many people enter into a drug rehab program in New Jersey once they have completed detox. Inpatient rehab programs teach patients how to prevent a relapse, manage cravings, address co-occurring disorders, and treat the underlying causes of the addiction. It is imperative that these things are addressed as this process greatly increases the chances of individuals achieving recovery long-term. Without the proper treatment for addiction, individuals may simply relapse following their stay in detox.

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new jersey addiction resources

Inpatient VS Outpatient Rehab In New Jersey

Upon completing detox individuals will usually have to pick between continuing their care at an inpatient or an outpatient treatment facility. The type of treatment one chooses to enter into is dependent on the specific needs of the individual. The levels of care that people can pick from include:

Here at The Healing Center in New Jersey we offer partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and addiction counseling programs. There are a number of different factors that play into what type of rogram you should attend including your living situation, how long you have been using for, how much you have been using, and if you have any co-occurring disorders. If you have any questions about our levels of care or programs contact our admissions team for more information.

Sober Support Groups and Meetings in New Jersey

Once you complete treatment at a rehab center in New Jersey it is important that you continue to work on your recovery. In early sobriety it is very easy to fall back into old behaviors and habits. Thus, many people in recovery attend support groups or meetings in order to have continued support and accountability. Weekly meetings keep individuals involved in the recovery community and therefore decrease the chance of relapse substantially. 

Help Finding a Meeting in New Jersey 

There are a multitude of different types of meetings that are available on a daily basis throughout New Jersey. Major cities and larger towns have a bigger selection of meetings that take place and are available to the public. There are four major recovery support groups that provide daily recovery meetings in Ohio, Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, and Narcotics Anonymous. These groups provide free meetings that are open to any individual who is trying to achieve recovery. Refuge Recovery focuses on Buddhist principles and teachings, putting a heavy focus on meditation and mindfulness. Celebrate Recovery is a religious program built around Jesus’ teachings and the principles of the Bible. SMART Recovery takes more of a science-based approach to recovery and has little to no spiritual or religious parts of its program.

If you are looking for meetings in your area, then it is a simple process. All that you have to do to find a meeting in New Jersey is look for the support groups local website and search within the mile radius that you are comfortable traveling in. The website normally provides a breakdown of meetings per day of the week and times of the meeting. If you have questions about how to find meetings in your area, then call our team today and we would be happy to help you.

new jersey addiction resources

New Jersey Addiction Resources

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, or co-occurring disorders, then it is important to understand help is available. At The Healing Center will help you find New Jersey addiction rescources that can help you or your loved one recovery. We understand that finding treatment, support meetings, and aftercare can be difficult. Thankfully, our team of addiction specialists is familiar with both the private and state funded New Jersey addiction resources. We will help you locate the care that fits your individual needs. Contact our admissions team today to learn more.