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In recent years the holistic approach to addiction treatment has become increasingly popular. Holistic treatments focus on treating the whole person. Meaning, the care targets not just the physical body, but also the mental and emotional aspects of substance abuse. The holistic modalities take into account the physical, psychological, and social aspects of the addicted individual’s illness. Therefore, holistic treatment for addiction helps people achieve long term recovery.

Going beyond just decreasing cravings through abstinence-based approaches and medications, holistic treatment centers strive to develop new ways for individuals or groups of individuals struggling with addiction to cope with life’s challenges without having to rely on drugs and alcohol.

About Holistic Addiction Treatment

The holistic approach to substance use disorder treatment is based on the idea of treating the whole person. This includes the mind, body, and spirit. The focus of treatment is to help people learn healthy ways of coping with stressors, triggers, and other root causes of addiction. Furthermore, it helps individuals find a way back to their own personal identity as they rebuild their ability to cope with life without drugs and alcohol.

Holistic treatment can offer many benefits that traditional modalities may not provide. Through integrating various therapies, including yoga, meditation, reiki, art therapy, and mindfulness techniques into an overall holistic treatment plan, individuals can achieve better outcomes than with traditional treatments alone. Additionally, holistic rehab facilities normally provide recreational activities for clients. These activities improve overall health, reduce stress, and teach physical fitness to patients.

How Do Holistic Treatments Differ from Traditional Therapies?

Traditional therapies for addiction treatment normally involve detox and medication management. Compared to western medicine, holistic treatments take a more comprehensive approach to treating the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of addiction. For example, holistic addiction treatment centers usually offer both individual and group therapy sessions in order to help people recover socially, mentally, and emotionally.


 Additionally, holistic treatment centers seek to create and heal connections between the clients and their loved ones. This type of treatment encourages clients and family members to be supportive of one another as they heal. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who feel that their addiction isolated them, but don’t want to burden loved ones as they recover.

Types Of Holistic Treatments

There are many different types of holistic treatments used in drug addiction rehabs. All of these therapies focus on whole body healing. Some common holistic therapies include:


Yoga is one of the holistic treatment approaches to addiction that can help clients achieve balance in their daily lives. The practice of yoga is centuries old and is used to increase physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Through group and individual sessions, clients learn how to create self awareness and relaxation techniques that can help them overcome cravings and manage stress. Furthermore, the physical aspect of yoga helps improve overall physical fitness including releasing tension and boosting energy levels. 


Meditation is another holistic modality that is used to treat substance use disorders. Meditation helps individuals connect with their inner self on a deep level which in turn, allows them to gain insights into why their addiction developed in the first place. The practice of meditation enables people to foster mindfulness and awareness of their thoughts, emotions,  and physical state. Through the increase of awareness, individuals are able to identify triggers that could lead to a relapse and develop different ways of coping with cravings. In addition, meditation has been proven to reduce stress which is beneficial for an individual’s overall health and well-being.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is another holistic treatment approach. Art therapy encourages creativity and emotional healing. Through engagement in activities such as painting, clients are able to express their feelings without relying on drugs and alcohol to help them cope. Art therapy also assists individuals gain more insights into their behavioral and emotional patterns. Furthermore, art therapy can prove to be an effective coping tool and stress reliever, especially in early sobriety.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training is a holistic treatment with the goal of helping clients develop the skills they need in order to become present and aware of the present moment. Through mindfulness, individuals learn how to observe their own thoughts and emotions without judging themselves or having too much attachment. This type of practice can assist in helping individuals understand how their thought patterns and behaviors contributed to their addiction issues. Additionally, practicing mindfulness long term can reduce stress levels which is vital for individuals to achieve long term recovery.

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The Healing Center is a holistic treatment center in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our team of experienced addiction specialists and mental health providers provide both comprehensive and compassionate treatment through evidence based holistic therapies. We offer clients a safe and comfortable environment where they can heal their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

At The Healing Center we believe that everyone can recover from addiction and has the ability to heal and grow as individuals. No matter what substance you have abused or what your individual needs may be, we can help you. Contact us today in order to start your healing journey towards long term recovery and overall wellness.