What Is A Partial Hospitalization Program?

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Sometimes residential treatment is not a realistic option for people. Thus, outpatient care is an option for both mental health and addiction treatment. Outpatient programming is offered to individuals who want to remain in off campus housing instead of residing at a facility. This type of treatment option allows people to have a level of flexibility. 

PHP is the highest level of care that is provided in an outpatient setting. It is a very intensive and highly supervised form of therapeutic outpatient treatment. Partial hospitalization is also commonly referred to as day treatment. It offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to treating both mental health and substance abuse. This article explains what a partial hospitalization program is and how it helps individuals heal.


What Is A Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is the highest level of supervised and comprehensive outpatient program available. PHPs normally have clients participating in a variety of therapeutic activities on a daily basis. This might include group therapy, individual therapy, holistic therapies, and medical visits. Many partial hospitalization programs provide detox services by referring out to associated residential or detox facilities.

The reason PHPs are also known as day programs is because the therapeutic programs are scheduled for almost every day of the week. PHP is the highest level of care other than a residential program. They include 25-35 hours per week of treatment sessions for clients.


Partial Hospitalization Program Elements

There are many different treatment modalities that can be incorporated into a partial hospitalization program. Clients spend a majority of the day for several days a week within the program. Thus, facilities have the ability to offer a wide range of services to clients who are attending the program. 

Services that partial hospitalization programs offer include:

  • medication management and monitoring
  • treatment for co-occurring psychiatric disorders (if present)
  • individual case management
  • small group or family therapy
  • educational groups on early recovery and post-treatment acclimation
  • spacious accommodations with daily catered meals
  • all-inclusive amenities and resources

Who Should Attend A PHP?

There are many different people who could benefit from a PHP. Partial hospitalization programs treat both addiction and mental health disorders. They are a could fit for people who cannot commit or afford a fully residential program, but still need a high level of supervision.

Individuals will enter into a PHP for a number  of reasons. Some clients may be admitted into the program after the completion of inpatient treatment. This type of transition is the next phase of what is known as a “step down” treatment plan. Step down treatment plans are designed to slowly and smoothly reintegrate clients back into daily life following treatment. 

Individuals may also enter into partial hospitalization programs if they cannot afford residential treatment. Sometimes insurance will not provide prior authorization and coverage for inpatient care. Other times the client simply does not have insurance and is a cash pay client. Often, in these cases partial hospitalization programs are more affordable than inpatient treatment.

Other clients will enter the program after a relapse. Sometimes, it is not necessary for someone to return to inpatient treatment after a relapse, so PHP would be recommended for them in order to minimize the risk of a relapse and provide stabilization. Here are some of the common reasons that a patient might be referred to a PHP program:

  • The client has been stabilized and/or detoxed in a previous facility, but still requires a high level of care. 
  • The patient is able to live in supportive housing
  • The patient needs frequent therapeutic and medical care.
  • The patient’s treatment plan is a “step down” treatment plan
  • The patient relapses for a short time, does not require detox, but does need a high level of care in the early stages of the recovery process.


Finding Partial Hospitalization Programs In New Jersey

If you are looking for a partial hospitalization program in New Jersey, then The Healing Center in Cherry Hill can help you. We provide an individualized treatment plan that incorporates both traditional and holistic addiction therapies. Our program provides evidence based treatment from compassionate and highly experienced staff. When you walk through our doors you can expect to be treated with respect, empathy, and attentive care. Our mission is to help individuals struggling with addiction rebuild their lives. If you or a loved one is looking for a PHP, then call our admissions team today in order to start the healing process.