Drug Rehab That Accepts Tricare In New Jersey

When people make the decision to enter into a treatment facility for addiction, they often worry about how to cover the costs associated. Thus, the expense of rehab can be a barrier to seeking the help they need. For this reason, The Healing Center is proud to offer a drug rehab that accepts Tricare in South New Jersey.

What Is Tricare Insurance?

Tricare provides health insurance coverage to eligible active military members, military veterans, and their family members. Tricare health insurance is currently offered to individuals currently serving, or who have served, in the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Commission Core, and the Coast Guard. Tricare provides most coverage for most aspects of physical health and includes prescription coverage.

Furthermore, Tricare offers coverage for both addiction treatment and mental health treatment. You do not need to be a currently active duty member in order to utilize Tricare insurance. You simply must be a veteran or be a family member who is or has served in the military.

It is important to note that Tricare coverage is not available to civilians unless a family member has served in the military to some capacity and is eligible themselves. Tricare has a number of different policy options to those who qualify. Each one of the policies has different coverage options and comes with a comprehensive list of what is and is not covered by Tricare.

Each coverage option is dependent on the individual policy choice and the qualifications of that particular plan. For example, some policies require members to obtain a referral from their primary care physician prior to Tricare providing coverage for the expense of their treatment. Other plans require facilities and providers to obtain prior authorization before starting treatment.

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drug rehab that accepts tricare

Does Tricare Cover Rehab In New Jersey?

The shortest answer that can be given is yes Tricare covers rehab in New Jersey. This information is important to know, especially if you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse. Understanding which treatments are covered can seem like a complicated process. Thankfully, Tricare provides a list of covered benefits that is readily available.

What Happens When Insurance Does Not Cover All Of Your Treatment?

The majority of the time, your health insurance will cover most of the cost of treatment. However, some policies will require that the policyholder may be responsible for some out of pocket cost. It is very important that someone understands how their insurance will cover treatment prior to looking into admitting into a drug rehab that accepts Tricare.

Thankfully, for individuals who have Tricare, there are many options available to them for addiction treatment. At The Healing Center we can help you find the best fit for your unique needs. Thus, we will help you find the drug rehab that accepts Tricare that will give you the help that you need.

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Does Tricare Cover Drug Rehab That Accepts Tricare That Is Out-of-Network?

Tricare does cover out of network drug rehab as long as the provider is certified with Tricare. However, if a member decides to go to an out of network facility, then they may have some out of pocket costs. If an out of network provider is something that your doctor or you would like to go to, then it is important to understand to obtain an estimated out of pocket cost beforehand. If you have questions about your coverage, then call our admissions team at The Healing Center. We can run a verification of your benefits and explain how exactly your plan will cover your stay at a drug rehab that accepts Tricare.

Drug Rehab That Accepts Tricare In New Jersey

Finding a drug rehab that accepts Tricare can be a difficult process. Thus, here at The Healing Center we are committed to making the process easy for you. We will go over your coverage, run a verification of benefits, obtain prior authorization, and help you obtain a referral if needed. Our goal is to provide the highest quality treatment while also remaining accessible. To learn more about our drug rehab that accepts Tricare in New Jersey, visit our admissions page or contact us today.