What Are The Signs Of Methamphetamine Addiction?

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Methamphetamine has some of the most severe physical side when someone is abusing it. Some methamphetamines have legitimate therapeutic value and are used to treat disorders such as ADHD. Other methamphetamines, such as crystal meth, are illicit drugs that are produced in illegal drug labs. Street level meth, also known as crystal meth, is normally made up of the chemical d-methamphetamine HCI. Crystal meth can be crushed and be taken orally, smoked, or injected. It is one of the most addicting drugs that can be abused, which is why recognizing the signs of methamphetamine addiction is important. 

Signs Of Methamphetamine Addiction

There are many signs of methamphetamine abuse and addiction. Some of these signs include:\

  • Intense scratching/itching
  • Weight loss
  • Acne or sores
  • Damaged and rotting teeth
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion

The symptoms listed above are just a few indicators that someone may be struggling with methamphetamine addiction. There are a number of different physical, behavioral, and psychological effects of meth abuse. We will explore these signs in more detail below.

Physical Signs Of Methamphetamine Addiction

Unfortunately, most people will not recognize their loved one is using drugs until it has turned into a full blown addiction. Methamphetamine is one of the most highly addictive drugs that exists. Therefore, it is very easy for a casual user to become addicted very quickly.

The physical signs of methamphetamine addiction will begin to emerge no matter how long the person has been dependent on the drug. The physical signs of meth abuse include:

  • Thinning body
  • Frailness
  • Sores and open sores from picking
  • Rotting teeth
  • Convulsions
  • Liver damage
  • Stroke(s)
  • High body temperature
  • Drooping facial skin
  • Increased sex drive
  • Low immunity 
  • Scratching and/or picking at skin
  • Death

The physical side effects of abusing meth are very serious. The picking of the skin can lead to open sores that end up infected. Liver damage may be permanent and life threatening. The increase of libido side effect disposes individuals to sexually transmitted diseases. 

Psychological Effects Of Meth Abuse

Methamphetamine abuse leads to a multitude of different psychological side effects. The feeling of euphoria that the drug induces is due to the increased levels of dopamine in the brain when it’s consumed. Dopamine is a main chemical in the brain’s reward system. Drugs, including meth, that increase dopamine have a high potential for addiction.

Furthermore, dopamine has more functions than just pleasure. It is also involved in the brain’s ability to learn and memory functions. When someone abuses meth it causes consistent high levels of dopamine in the brain. Overtime, that creates an imbalance of the brain’s natural chemical levels. Therefore, individuals who have abused meth long-term will likely experience memory issues and an inability to learn new motor skills.

Another serious psychological side effect of meth addiction is psychosis. Psychosis happens to anyone who uses meth, especially when high amounts are consumed in a short time. Signs of psychosis include hallucinations, paranoia, and agitation. Sometimes, intense itching or picking of the skin is an indicator that psychosis is occurring. Individuals may perceive that bugs are crawling all over their skin. Therefore, they pick and scratch at their skin in order to try to relieve the feeling.

Tweaking can also occur. Tweaking is a term that is used to describe someone who has been awake for 3-15 days due to meth. An individual who is tweaking will be paranoid, agitated, and confused. They may begin to obsess over delusions. They may also experience rapid eye movement.

Due to the intensity of the side effects of meth it is fairly easy to spot the signs of methamphetamine addiction. If you or someone you love is displaying any of these side effects, then they should consider immediate admission into a drug rehab facility in order to get the proper treatment that they need.

Behavioral Signs Of Methamphetamine Addiction

Drug abuse in general will quickly become a priority in your life. Subsequently, it is common for people to begin to miss work, school, or start to have relationship problems. In the initial stages of meth abuse people will commonly do their best to try and hide their addiction. Overtime, individuals will care less and less about other people finding out about their drug abuse. In full blown addiction the main priority is to obtain and consume drugs.  

Some people may be worried to approach someone who is showing the signs of methamphetamine addiction without evidence. As a result, they may feel the need to look for proof such as paraphernalia. It is important to handle any paraphernalia with care, as it may contain contaminated blood or left over drugs. Small baggies, needles, glass pipes, burnt aluminum foil are all considered paraphernalia

It is important to note that finding evidence is not necessary in order to confront someone who is showing the signs of methamphetamine addiction. If you notice your loved one is displaying behaviors of addiction, such as isolation, lack of interest in daily routine, or lying then it is time to confront them. Early intervention is always the best way to treat addiction. 

Treatment For Methamphetamine Addiction In Cherry Hill, NJ

If you or someone you love is showing the signs of methamphetamine addiction, then it is time to seek treatment at a drug rehab. The Healing Center in Cherry Hill, NJ offers a premier drug rehab program. We help our clients walk through the difficult process of early recovery. There is no need for anyone to face overcoming addiction alone. We provide our clients with the therapeutic services they need in order to build a solid foundation for a life of recovery. Call our admissions team today to get the help that you need.